Various standalone solutions for revenue management issues exist, but an integrated solution, which is politically, socially and commercially acceptable to utilities and municipalities, is yet to be found. UDS has compiled a suite of services to solve this problem. We provide a consulting and business analysis service and back it up by providing the appropriate services from our wide range of flexible building blocks including conventional metering, AMR/AMI, prepayment and billing.

UDS provides:

  • Specialized consulting and implementation services in revenue management and revenue protection
  • Turnkey revenue management services
  • Feasibility studies, Audits, Project Design and Management
  • Training, Capacity building and assisting in STS Certification
  • Situational Analyses/Feasibility studies
  • Audits/Energy balancing
  • Project finance/ Leasing arrangements
  • Installation and commissioning of systems and meters
  • Prepaid vending processes for water and electricity
  • Billing for water, electricity, sewerage, rates and taxes etc
  • Transaction Management
  • Meter management and maintenance
  • Information Management
  • System Management
  • PR/Customer Care/Callouts
  • Turnkey projects/Management contracts/Operating contracts/Concessions