UDS specializes in consulting and implementation of revenue management projects and provides an independent unbiased third party analysis from a utility point of view. Extensive experience of the user and supplier market in all areas of revenue collection and metering enables UDS to contrast various technologies to advise on the most cost effective solution for a particular application.

Experience has shown that traditional billing may be appropriate for one application, prepayment for another, and AMI or AMR (prepaid or billed) for another. UDS stands by its analysis and is able to provide various levels of operational support to the utility ranging from consulting services to to turnkey operation and maintenance.


Our generic company approach is to reduce losses, improve revenue and increase customer service. We employ processes and technologies to integrate efforts ad measure project performance against strict technical, financial, operational and customer service standards. In short our approach can be expressed as:

“Supporting utilities and local government through focused efforts and effective partnerships to improve service delivery and create sustainable organizations”

Our business philosophy is built on the pillars of sustainability and affordability, strongly supported by service delivery and employment creation. Our approach to reach these goals has been developed over 15 years of experience in this field. For UDS revenue management and revenue improvement hinges on the following critical issues:

Revenue Improvement is as much about improving collections and reducing theft as it is about keeping operating costs down and reducing technical losses. There seems to be a preoccupation with historical debt and credit control measures in the industry. These are certainly important considerations but, more importantly, directly controllable costs and inefficiencies must be reduced.